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Published December 18, 2012, 08:54 PM

A South Fargo man gets his money back after being scammed

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- A story update we can't wait to tell you about.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- A story update we can't wait to tell you about.

A month ago, Lewis Lubka of South Fargo told us how he had been "taken" during a "pain-relief" seminar at a local hotel. He said a South Dakota company had pressured him into buying something called a "Q-Laser" device. The cost? 6-thousand dollars!!! Lubka wanted his money back, but the company refused.

But after North Dakota Attorney General saw our story, his office went after the company.

Wayne Stenehjem/North Dakota Attorney General:"Lewis, how are you, what a pleasure to meet you, I have good news for you."

Good News indeed. After hearing about Lewis Lubka's plight, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem had his consumer protection office go after Lewis money he had coming to him.

Stenehjem: "Saw it on television and got in touch with our Consumer Protection Division, and said we have to help this gentleman, he is a world war two veteran."

Lewy was pressured into buying the Qlaser, paying 6000 dollars for the unit, relief Lewis hoped, for his World War Two parachuting injuries. When family told Lewy he got taken and should demand his money back, the company said no. Stenehjem ushered a resolution for Lewis, today telling us seniors have to be wary.

Stenehjem: "We need to learn in North Dakota, we need to be more skeptical, we should not be pressured into something right then in there, but take time to talk with family or a doctor."

A good time of year to get this kind of check. At 86-Lewis is planning an overseas trip soon, and this will come in handy.

Stenehjem: "And so I am happy to give you a check for 6 thousand, five hundred and 95 dollars, full restitution, Merry Christmas to you. It is not often an attorney general gets to play Santa."

Which is wonderful.

The South Dakota company that was dealing in the Qlaser pain relief unit, had to make 2-thousand dollars in payment to the state, for violations and not having the proper paperwork to do business in North Dakota.