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Published December 16, 2012, 04:54 PM

Fergus Falls company garnering widespread attention for unique product

Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) -- A new Fergus Falls company is looking to add more jobs to that area.

Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) -- A new Fergus Falls company is looking to add more jobs to that area.

Capitalizing on the popularity of the lakes, owners hope they have this summers hot new item, and the more outgoing sales, the more incoming jobs.

This thing can make a paddle-boat look like an antique. It's called a GoFloat. An electric 1, 2 or 3 person slow cruiser. And it's catching a lot of buzz at boat shows around the country.

Steve Hendrickson/G-M, GoFloat: "we are very often the bell of the ball, there is a buzz around our booth people are drawn in they want to know what it is they want to know how it works.."

Maybe it's the built in i-pod adapter, could be the on-board cooler or steering controls easy enough for a 5 year old.

And this thing is light, about anyone can lift and move it around,

it's designed to stand for storage, and an extension cord from your home will charge it.

Hendrickson: "this is an extremely quiet way to enjoy the water, there's no motor noise. A slight purr from the propeller underneath, now if you turn on the i-pod when you're using the waterproof stereo you might make a little noise but that's up to you."

Assembly is just getting underway in Fergus Falls, soon pre-assembly will be here, it'll add around 50 jobs to the area. As these boats ship from Fergus Falls to around the world...Israel, Croatia, France etc., the orders are flying in.

Hendrickson: "We've already sold a good number in this area and we expect to see more and more each year."

This James Bond looking model is for those with a need for speed or in Bond's case stealth. This too is all electric, so it's also quiet. But where the go float cruises at 4mph, this vector model will hit mid 20s.

It could turn this Fergus Falls factory into a global leader in a changing water sport world.

That Vector model is not out yet, it's still in Research & Development.

The go floats range in price from just shy of $2,000 dollars to $5,000.