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Published November 30, 2012, 09:33 PM

Suspect leads police on a wild chase near LaMoure, N.D.

Lamoure, ND (WDAY TV) -- A car chase near Lamoure, North Dakota sounds like something out of a Dukes of Hazards episode.

Lamoure, ND (WDAY TV) -- A car chase near Lamoure, North Dakota sounds like something out of a Dukes of Hazards episode.

The man took authorities down gravel roads, busted through fences to go through 2 plowed fields and took out a gate to flee through a pasture. Along the way, damaging two squad cars and hitting the police chief twice.

The incident ended up being a 4 car chase with 2 vehicles being totaled.

It started when Lamoure Police Chief had 3 calls in the matter of minutes

some guy tearing through town, leaving skid marks everywhere.

Chief Ian Mattice/LaMoure Police: "he saw me and then he took off I noticed he didn't signal, I activated my lights and the chase was on."

The suspect is 30 year old Joshua McCleary from Dickey, North Dakota. Chief Ian Mattice was on his tail, within minutes he had state patrol behind him, and a Lamoure Sheriff's deputy up ahead using his car as a road block.

Mattice says McCleary drove right into it. airbags deployed, and Mattice rushed to make an arrest.

Mittice: "I opened up the door like this and I grabbed him like this and as soon as he realized what was going on he turned the vehicle in reverse hit the thing and because the door was right here I went with him."

Mattice says McCleary then took out a fence, drove through two plowed fields, he got back onto a road momentarily, then took out a gate and drove through a pasture, eventually getting stuck on a fence.

Mattice: "I opened up the door this time with the tazer in my hand, told him to stop. He looked at me said some not very nice things so i activated my tazer."

But it wasn't good enough contact -- Mattice says McCleary popped the vehicle back in reverse, and dragged him again before getting stuck.

McCleary ran into an abandoned barn and surrendered shortly after.

Mattice: "I was shocked that that vehicle could take so much and keep going."

McCleary is charged with DUI and fleeing. Police say they also found meth in his vehicle. While under arrest Mattice says he also spit on him, and faces a charge of contact of bodily fluids.

The officers involved suffered minor injuries.