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Published November 26, 2012, 06:05 PM

Be aware of potential online fraud during Cyber Monday

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The holiday season's successful day of online shopping is back, now bigger than ever before.

By: Kay Cooley, WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The holiday season's successful day of online shopping is back, now bigger than ever before.

Cyber Monday kicked off at midnight, with more shoppers filling their online carts, and more scammers out to get them.

Amanda Lea, Cyber Monday Shopper: "It's super easy because you just scroll down.”

Amanda Lea is one of many, setting aside time to shop online.

Lea: “I knew exactly what I wanted.”

Marking the biggest Cyber Monday yet, with websites expected to see sales topping one billion dollars.

Lea: “I started following something that I wanted from Best Buy on Thursday and then I was like ‘Okay, do I wait until Cyber Monday to get it?’ So I waited all weekend and it's been the same price.”

Today with most consumers cashing in on convenience.

Lea: “When you go online it's so much easier. It comes to your door. You don't have to the Black Friday shopping where it's lines, people get in fights.”

But unfortunately these days of big spending often bring out the worst. This year's Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest day of online fraud as well.

Dan Hendrickson, Better Business Bureau: “Every day is kind of a day for fraudsters but a day like this where so many more people are shopping you can bet there will be more scam attempts and unfortunately more people who fall victim.”

So as shoppers fill up their virtual carts, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Hendrickson: "Just putting general searches in sometimes like ‘big savings’ or ‘big deals’ will lead you to fraudulent websites you don't want to be a part of. Also when you make your purchase make sure you go to a screen in the browser that says https. That means you're on a secure page and that's important."

Leah: “It is kind of scary. I tend to not worry about it because if somebody is going to try to get your information, they're going to get it somehow."

And remember no sale is worth risking your safety.

Another important tip: look for the lock symbol on secure websites.