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Published October 08, 2012, 05:59 PM

Hillsboro family recovering with community after house blaze

Hillsboro, ND (WDAY TV) - A Hillsboro family devastated by a house fire is picking up the pieces with help from the community.

By: Kay Cooley, WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY

Hillsboro, ND (WDAY TV) - A Hillsboro family devastated by a house fire is picking up the pieces with help from the community.

Flames engulfed the home of Lynn Schultz Sunday morning. Today, she returned with friends to go through the ruins.

Lynn Schultz, Home Destroyed by Fire: "This is our house. This is everything."

It's been only a day since Lynn Schultz watcher her home and all of her things go up in flames.

But today she finds strength with help from her friends, all returning to the mess for the very first time.

Schultz: "Very hard. I hadn't been crying until I pulled up and started to look at the house."

Schultz and her two sons had been inside when a fire started in the family's laundry room.

And just minutes later, flames robbed her and her sons of the home they've kept for eight years, now turned to ash and memories.

Schultz: "My dad passed away a couple years ago and there's a quilt he'd given me and it's gone. But they are just things and we got out.”

The fire destroyed Schultz's home and all of her belongings, but she's thankful fire crews were able to save one thing from the flames.

Schultz: "A picture frame that had a family picture of me and the boys, and a family picture of the boys and their dad, and then a picture of me and my dad together. So that's what they saved which is pretty awesome."

And before the fire was even out, neighbors were showing up to see how they could help. Donations pouring in while the walls were burned down.

Schultz: "I just want to say thank you because people are amazing and we didn't have to go through this alone, not even for a minute.”

A community making it easier for Schultz and her boys to think about tomorrow, despite having nothing left.

Schultz: "We're not leaving Hillsboro. We're not leaving the community. We're just going to figure it out and pick up."

Students and staff at Hillsboro High School, where both of the Schultz boys attend, are already making plans to help out the family.

The school is just a block away from the Schultz's home, where sophomore Wyatt and senior Sam would walk to each day.

Now their classmates and teachers are coming up with ideas to raise money for the family.

Some possibilities so far are collecting donations at sporting events or a school hat day.

Terry Baesler, Hillsboro High School Principal: “That's the first thing that went through my mind yesterday was ‘What can we do here at school to actually provide the kids with normalcy.’ They're, the two boys, their life has been turned upside-down now a little bit and get them back in school.”

Anyone wishing to donate should contact the Hillsboro Dakota Heritage Bank.