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Published October 03, 2012, 10:04 PM

Proposed fertilizer plant in Jamestown has construction companies seeing dollar signs

Jamestown, ND (WDAY TV) - Jamestown is gearing up for a population boost, and in a hurry.

Jamestown, ND (WDAY TV) - Jamestown is gearing up for a population boost, and in a hurry.

A proposed fertilizer plant project could bring in hundreds of permanent and temporary positions.

It could mean big business for construction companies.

Nill Construction's crew is securing the finishing touches on a home just north of Jamestown.

Tim Nill, the owner of Nill Construction, says more work like this may be on the way, and he's ready.

Tim Nill, Nill Construction Inc.: "look forward to meeting the need, as well as growing ourselves."

The city says a $1.2 billion fertilizer plant project is set to go in the Spiritwood Energy Park starting in 2014, northeast of town.

It'll bring in about 2,000 temporary workers, more than 200 permanent positions.

Mayor Katie Andersen, Jamestown: "And that's not the only plant we have coming on line in that same time period, we have a 50 million gallon ethanol plant.”

The city says crew camps will house temporary workers. And to accommodate permanent, full-time people, it's making things easier for construction companies.

There will be some extra incentives for developers.

Andersen: "Basically we are looking into allowing them to special assess the infrastructure costs."

Nill Construction doesn't build your typical, cookie cutter houses. It focuses more on custom homes. But if there's a big boost in the population, they say they could be making some changes.

Nill: "Purchasing land, and starting a development."

That's a long way off though. Nill says he's hesitant to dive into developing, head first. It's expensive, with a lot of up-front costs.

Nill: "It's something we'll look at, depending on how quick that plant is up and running."

The idea is not too far from the back of his mind. Nill says he'll have to wait and see before he nails down a decision.

The city will start looking at allowing those special assessments this month.