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Published July 20, 2012, 04:48 PM

The impact of the Colorado shooting on local movie goers

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) --The line of people buying tickets to the Dark Night Rises was out the door at local theaters.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) --The line of people buying tickets to the Dark Night Rises was out the door at local theaters.

Although the devastating incident in Colorado was on the minds of all movie goers I spoke to, it didn't stop them from catching the movie.

Adam: "Its another day, you just have to keep going."

Adam Harfield is at the theater early picking up his tickets to the 11 o'clock showing of The Dark Knight Rises. This will be his second time seeing it.

Adam: "You never really think about, you're going to go to the theater and something like that could actually happen, or that somebody would actually, you know take something that far."

Although Harfield says he feels safe living in a place like Fargo, an incident like this would never stop him from catching a favorite flick.

Adam: "You can't live in fear, I mean it happens every once in a while and somebody takes it too far, but it's not something that, you don't stop living because it happens, then they win."

Ryan Shol is here seeing the box office hit, he like Harfield says he won't let the mindless act of a killer affect his day to day life.

Ryan: "You can't live your life like that, you know you're going to go do the things you do and if something weird like that's going to happen, it's going to happen."

Kim Thompson on the other had says she will be making some changes before heading to the movies.

Kim: "I think I'll think twice before I go to a late night showing of any movie."

Thompson realizes what a random act this was, but she knows it can happen anywhere at anytime.

Kim: "I think the time you think it is never going to happen in Fargo it could, I'd like to think that it's safe and my kids are always going to be safe and stuff like that, but you know, Aurora is not that large of a community, I mean I know it's part of Denver, but that community is pretty small."

I spoke with Markus Theater executives and they say they won't be cancelling any screenings at all three theater locations, and they will also be looking into safety precautions.