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Published June 22, 2012, 08:55 PM

Teen Vandals caught in Jamestown are behind bars

Jamestown, ND (WDAY TV) -- Police say boredom landed 11 juveniles behind bars in Jamestown.

Jamestown, ND (WDAY TV) -- Police say boredom landed 11 juveniles behind bars in Jamestown.

The teens are behind a months long vandalism spree throughout the city..

Francis Silberngal/Witness of Vandalism: " I kinda figured, ah, the little rascalls, they're messing with fire now. Now they're really gonna get in trouble."

The "little rascals" Francis Silbernagel's referring to are 4 teens -- Facing charges for starting this mattress on fire, plus pallets, behind the old C.H. Carpenter building in southeast Jamestown.

Silbernagel: " wife's seen them carrying two mattresses back there - full size mattresses."

It's minor damage - 150 dollars worth - but the fire chief says it's still serious.

Jim Ruether/Jamestown Fire Dept.: "it could've been a bad situation if the whole building was fully involved."

Not to mention the high cost of battling the small blaze -- more than 11 hundred dollars to pay for the 4 trucks and 29 firefighters who responded.

Ruether: " Who's gonna pay for this? That's the biggest question? Who could end up paying for this. Could it be the kids? But the kids being juveniles, it could go the parent's pocketbook."

Just down the street from where the fire started, police found the old Aggregate building vandalized - broken glass covering the area. They arrested another 7 teens.

Det. Sgt. Thomas Nagel/Jamestown Police Dept.: " office stuff that was left there they threw through the window, broke a window to get into a door.."

Causing about 5 thousand dollars in damage.

Nagel says peer pressure is part of the blame for the vandalism spree. But boredom -- plays a big part.

Nagel: " curiosity is there, and when you see an open door on an abandoned building it's very inviting for them, hey let's go check it out, look inside."

These 11 juveniles face charges for arson, trespassing, criminal mischief, and theft - the consequences for teens taking part in serious crimes.

The police say to best stop vandalism, make your property more difficult to access. Lock your cars, securely close doors, and make sure fences are sturdy.