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Published June 20, 2012, 10:41 PM

More Flooding Video from Duluth, MN

Duluth, MN (WDAY TV) - Duluth is under a state of emergency after torrential rains hit the city overnight.

Duluth is under a state of emergency after torrential rains hit the city overnight.

The damage to roads, bridges, homes and businesses is so severe, the mayor says he'll seek federal disaster aid.

Flood damage in Duluth will be measured in the millions of dollars. The 24-hour rain amounts are impressive from 7 inches at the airport, 9 in Denfeld neighborhood to 10 inches at Lakewood Township. The area is a mess.

This is what nearly a foot of rain in less than 24 hours can do to a city of hills.

Greg Vogt - Expert Tire: "I just can't believe how much water was coming down the hill, it looked like a lake just rolling."

Flooding in Duluth left many roads underwater, causing sink holes and even forcing manhole covers to blow open.

During a break in the rain, Greg Vogt of expert tire told us the road started cracking apart before his eyes.

Greg Vogt - Expert Tire: "The roads are just a disaster around here."

Just behind the building, water stands about 3 feet deep; a car right in the middle of it.

Traffic also came to a screeching halt when the rains prompted a mudslide on Piedmont Avenue. The mud didn't hit anyone, or any vehicles but it made a pretty big mess.

Out in west Duluth; tracks that now have no support.

The flooding has forced numerous evacuations around the Duluth area.

“Within just 45 minutes or so, the house was flooded and there was no way to get the vehicles out. So, the vehicles are totaled, the house is probably totaled."

And while nobody has been hurt that almost wasn't the case. An 8-year-old boy was swept six blocks through a culvert before he "popped up" down current. The undersheriff calls it a "miracle out of this whole disaster."

The rain continues. An evacuation is now in place about 30 miles west of Duluth in Floodwood, Minnesota. Governor Dayton will visit tomorrow. Find a link to amazing flood pictures and video on