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Published June 19, 2012, 10:22 PM

Golf ball sized hail damages cars in Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - Some people in Detroit Lakes got a good look at just how damaging Mother Nature can be.

Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - Some people in Detroit Lakes got a good look at just how damaging Mother Nature can be. What started as pea sized hail turned into golf ball sized hail, and it left its mark.

Workers at SJE Rhombus company, just west of Detroit Lakes on Country Road 6, were some of those people who got the most damage.

While some people drove away with minor dings and chipped windshields, one worker left work in a car that could possibly be totaled, all thanks to the hail.

Nathan Fetting was here at SJE Rhombus in Detroit Lakes in a meeting when he and his co-workers heard the pounding.

Nathan Fetting – Car Damaged by Hail: “Then we started to look outside, and we started seeing the golf ball sized hail, and then probably like baseball size hail.”

Fetting expected a few dings and dents in his baby - his 350 Z Nissan - but it was his co-workers who warned him what he was about to see.

Nathan Fetting: “Broke out the front or the back windshield, the front windshield broke, and of course all of the hail damage on top, even the fenders are damaged, the top, there are cracks in the door.”

Like most people Fetting says Mother Nature is not one to mess with and one thing none of us can control, but he's a little upset with her understandably.

Nathan Fetting: “I've just had the car for about a month, so it was just kind of my baby for now, and it's going to have to get fixed.”

Fetting was just one of dozens of workers at SJE who had damage to their vehicles. One worker was stopping in town when Aaron Dallmann saw her car which also had broken windows and dents.

Aaron Dallmann – Long Lake: “She told me where she works at that had cars with windows that are demolished, and I asked where it was at and it was by my house and so I went home and here's what I found.”

Dallmann expected the worst, but overall didn't get much damage. He says luckily he had just bought a brand new pontoon cover which maybe saved his new toy. His neighbors weren't so lucky.

Aaron Dallmann: “It was probably an older cover and everything, and so it all depends, you know mines a brand new cover, I got a good quality cover, and you know, I’m happy it didn't get ripped.

Dallmann says he will be checking his roof tomorrow to see if there is any damage, as for Fetting he says he will be up bright and early calling the insurance agency to make sure his baby gets fixed in a hurry.