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Published May 26, 2012, 04:23 PM

Gas Prices put a damper on Memorial Day Plans

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- People looking to hit the road this weekend are probably feeling pain at the pump.

People looking to hit the road this weekend are probably feeling pain at the pump. Even though gas prices are lower than expected, they're still averaging 3 dollars and 65 cents a gallon nationally. It's changing people's Memorial Day plans, yet one Fargo man doesn't seem to mind.

Rob Laney/Fargo: "Going to relax, be good, and save the gas."

Rob Laney is doing what he does every Memorial Day weekend...Camping. Only this year it's a little different...It's his first time practically doing it in his back yard.

"Do the same things we would anywhere else, just save the gas."

He is just three miles away from home.

Rob: "Usually or well last year I went out to valley city or ill go out to Alexandria or stuff like that. Typically I would, I just felt like why not stay here."

His Ford truck gets just 7 miles to a gallon..add pulling his camper to that.. and gas prices.. looks like Laney will be saving big this Holiday.

Rob: "Spend $300.00 dollars or just spend $100.00 dollars here."

Although he is just three miles away from his home, Laney says that won't stop him from doing all of his favorite camping activities, tonight they will be barbequing, and even making smores over the camp fire.

Rob: "You don't even realize your in Fargo, even in a big town."

AAA rep Gene LaDoucer says Laney is like most Americans celebrating the holiday. He says although gas prices are somewhat down, people are still looking to stay closer to home.

Gene/AAA Representative: "We are seeing the average travel distance go down also, because of high gas prices."

There are a half million more drivers hitting the road this weekend says LaDoucer. While some will be traveling a little further than Laney, it's clear he is just fine with his stay cation.

Rob: "Id rather spend it, do that, then spend it in the gas, and then it gives us a little more money to do other things around here."

Laney says he'll be camping all weekend even if the rain decided to fall.