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Published April 14, 2012, 06:58 PM

Mostly Male Sport is becoming more Popular with Women

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- A sport mostly dominated by males is now becoming more popular with the women.

A sport mostly dominated by males is now becoming more popular with the women.

The NDSU Marksmanship Club has seen more and more women becoming interested in the program, and there interest may be giving guys a little competition.

One girl who is doing a good job at keeping up with the boys.

This NSDU Sophomore, Shandi Mack, is a natural when it comes to shooting... She picked up a gun for the first time just one year ago.

Shandi Mack: "I'd never held or shot a gun in my life, so I just came in and was kind of like um they will be able to teach me hopefully."

After seeing a flyer for the team posted in her dorm, she thought shed give it a shot.

Shandi: "I want to go into the government so I thought this would be really good just to familiarize myself with the stuff that even the JROTC kids are shooting with."

There are 35 students on the Marksman team.. Mack is just one of five girls, but being one of the girls doesn't put her any farther from nailing a bullseye.

Shandi : "I am hitting 8,9,10's, so i mean they are getting pretty concentrated now."

Club instructors say a first time girl shooter like myself, usually always has a better shot than a first time boy.

Rob Sailer - Club Advisor: "In general the girls beat the boys, and that is really fun to see, girls are typically better shooters than boys because they listen better and they take direction better."

The clubs advisor Rob Sailer says boys should think twice before counting out the girls to have a good shot, because when it comes to target practice they just might get beat.

Rob: "Having women involved raises the level of competition because the boys are a little macho and they don't want to get beat by a girl."

After picking up the gun, This pistol lover says she might not be able to put it down., and she hopes more girls will join the club to give the boys a run for their money.

Shandi: "It has kind of become a second family for me, so definitely try it."

At this event the team was hosting their third "hot shot competition." Each person paid 25 dollars to compete, which will be donated to the team.