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Published April 04, 2012, 10:54 AM

NDSU’s Lynn Dorn Suspended

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - An honored and veteran NDSU Athletic Administrator tonight has been suspended two weeks without pay.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

An honored and veteran NDSU Athletic Administrator tonight has been suspended two weeks without pay. Lynn Dorn, Director of Women's Athletics, began serving the suspension last Tuesday. NDSU is not specific about what she did wrong. We do know it involved a male NDSU athlete. The incidents took place on February 23rd.

Lynn Dorn has been with NDSU for 34 years, and has personnel file that is big on accomplishments and empty of wrongdoing----until now. This afternoon, Dorn admitted she “made an error and regrets it deeply."

While not releasing any details, NDSU Athletic Director Gene Taylor made it clear the suspension and letter of reprimand are serious business…

Gene Taylor – NDSU Athletic Director: “It was significant.”

… saying that “a series of incidents involving a male student on February 23rd show significant inappropriate professional behavior.“

Gene Taylor: “Absolutely. Completely surprised, yeah.”

Dorn apparently violated Policy Number 163 at NDSU, an anti-harassment policy.

Gene Taylor: “I think she feels terrible. She certainly apologized to me. She apologized to staff members.”

Late this afternoon Dorn issued a statement, saying she respects NDSU’S decision. "I made an error, and regret it deeply."

Taylor confirms NDSU has no plans to make Lynn Dorn's suspension public until WDAY6 News called earlier today. That appears to go against President Dean Bresciani's call for transparency and openness and openness when he took office 2 years ago.

Dene Bresciani – NDSU President – 2010: “I think you show transparency, you don't talk about transparency. You don't try to talk through establishing faith and trust in the people you serve. You demonstrate it to them - you walk the walk you don't talk the talk you.”

Gene Taylor: “Not really. I think based on the fact that it was a personnel matter, and Lynn the fact that she's worked here as long as she has that it wasn't anything to hide we knew that certainly if it got out that we would be willing to respond and provide the information we could provide and that's where we are today.”

Kevin Wallevand: “But there was no plan to make it public unless someone called?”

Gene Taylor: “That's correct.”