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Published March 10, 2012, 04:57 PM

Internet Sensation Marilyn Hagerty Speaks about New Fame

Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV) -- The internet sensation, Marilyn Hagerty has taken the web by storm and now, the national airwaves.

By: Melanie Orlins, WDAZ, WDAY

Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV) -- The internet sensation, Marilyn Hagerty has taken the web by storm and now, the national airwaves.

The latest update, her Olive Garden 'Eat Beat' has been viewed more than 535,000 times--more than 10 times popular than the Grand Forks Herald's 2nd most read story.

Hagerty: "Somebody told me I went viral, I didn't know what that meant."

It's safe to say, her Olive Garden review is one for the books. Some people even called her the "nation's most popular food critic". But the 85-year-old isn't quite sure of what to make of all this publicity. Even A-B-C's Good Morning America Show wants to know all about Hagerty.

"National attention after her tell her like it is review went viral."

Hagerty: "It's been ringing all the time and I've been answering it and then the emails keep pouring in and I've been trying to keep track of that."

When we sat down the other day you said I just don't get it

Hagerty: "I still don't get it."

Some have critiqued her review and called it "pathetic"...

Hagerty: "But to me its interesting."

The Eat Beat started at the Herald, but now she writes here at her own office in her house, and since going viral you would think the fame would get to her but Marilyn hasn't changed one bit.

Hagerty: "I don't get terribly excited and I don't get terribly sad. I'm just level I think."

She says she won't clear her schedule for too many interviews. All this commotion hasn't made time for her weekly grocery store trip.

Reporter: you're just a busy woman

Hagerty: "Yeah, the phone has been ringing constantly."

Next on the list, is a review of one New York's finer restaurants.

Hagerty: "Go to a restaurant with a nice setting."

Hagerty: "Maybe some music and nice food, I'd like to go to a restaurant like Sanders."

Sounds like she's looking for a restaurant similar to the Olive Garden.

Some people are calling you the next betty white

Hagerty: "Well uh, I think she's a little more put together than I am. I think she's really great."

Her thoughts about an appearance on the Jay Leno Show are *still* a bit foggy.

Hagerty: "With Jay? I don't know I don't like the way he combs his hair, so maybe I wouldn't."

Maybe he could convince her otherwise.

Hagerty: And I still don't get it!

Marilyn also appeared on The Early Show.