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Published February 17, 2012, 10:19 PM

City of Fargo adding more bike lanes

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - More bike lanes are coming to the city of Fargo, and the next two roads to get them may surprise you.

More bike lanes are coming to the city of Fargo, and the next two roads to get them may surprise you.

The new bike lanes will be added on 10th street North between 12th Avenue North to 17th Avenue and on University Drive between 12th Avenue to 19th Avenue North.

Jeremy Gorden – Engineer, City of Fargo: “With all of the college kids up there and all of the kids that ride bikes we think it is appropriate.”

Some may think these roads are too dangerous for riders because these roads heavily traveled at higher speeds, but city engineer Jeremy Gorden says they can put bike lanes on roads with speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

Jeremy Gorden: “I look at other state guide manuals and the MNDOT manual says that those traffic volumes are fine as long as you get an appropriate width bike lane.”

Although the bike lanes will only begin at 12th avenue north, Gorden wants to see how things go over the next year and make a decision whether or not to expand the lanes down to 4th Avenue.

Jeremy Gorden: “Once we go from 12th north we might as well go from 12th south - tie into 4th avenue north which already has it in the area, tie into the future 1st and NP, and tie into the river system that goes the path system along the river.”

Some NDSU students say these new lanes will make traveling to their downtown classes more efficient.

Larissa Myers – NDSU Student: “I think the lane would be more efficient and quicker for the students that have to go down there.”

Larissa Myers rides her bike to school almost every day. She like most riders at NDSU agree that the lanes may be intimidating at first, but once drivers and riders become aware of each other the lanes will be well worth it.

Larissa Myers: “Most of the people that use these roads are frequenting them quite a bit so as they probably see more and more bicyclist they are going to be more aware of those lanes.”

Construction will begin on 10th street April 1st and be completed in late September.