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Published February 10, 2012, 06:54 PM

Infamous Piggyback Bandit spotted in the metro area

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - This is sure strange. Area schools and coaches are now being warned tonight about the Piggyback Bandit.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

This is sure strange. Area schools and coaches are now being warned tonight about the Piggyback Bandit.

The North Dakota Activities Association alerted schools that it is banning Sherwin Shayegan from all games and activities in the state. This after the self-proclaimed Piggyback Bandit displayed unusual and bizarre behavior at games from Bismarck to Fargo-Moorhead.

The Minnesota State High School League today banned him as well. The man, who is 250 pounds, has a history of this in several states - a fixation with high school and college athletes.

The Piggyback Bandit has been showing up at games from Fargo to Bismarck, and for some reason, jumping on the backs of athletes,

Jim Haussler – Bismarck Athletic Director: “Piggyback, I mean it is not only inappropriate but creepy.”

Attempting to get piggy back rides from them. Three games in Bismarck where he even tried to get into the locker room.

Jim Haussler: “Now that I know what he looks like, I will keep an eye out for him.”

Here at Concordia the Piggyback Bandit showed up at the St. Olaf-Cobber Men and Women's Games. While he did not jump on students he acted like he was part of the St. Olaf team.

Jim Cella – Concordia Athletics: “Close to half time one of my workers comes and says the St. Olaf coach has a problem with a fan who is filling up water in glasses for St. Olaf's team.”

Some of the fans at the game say at one point during a St. Olaf timeout, the Piggyback Bandit came up to the huddle and started rubbing the backs and necks of the St. Olaf players.

Several fans are expected tonight as Shanley hosts South high in basketball. Shanley has prepared ticket takers and staff to look out for the Piggyback Bandit. This comes after the state high school activities association contacted all schools, saying the man has been banned from all activities.

Randy Nelson – Shanley Athletic Director: “I think there is we have been alerted enough we are aware, and we will be on the lookout.”

It is not the first time the piggyback bandit has been in hot water. Washington, Oregon, He's been in a Montana court for the same thing, after jumping on the backs of soccer players in that state. At the time, the judge told him to return to Seattle, and behave.

It is not he behavior a 28 year old man does with high school students.

The Bismarck Police Department is interviewing students and may charge the Piggyback Bandit.