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Published September 30, 2011, 06:21 PM

Reaction to Casselton referendum vote

Casselton, ND (WDAY TV) - There will not be any new buildings for the Central Cass School District.

There will not be any new buildings for the Central Cass School District. As we first told you Thursday night, the public voted down a $4.8 million building referendum for the second time in six months. After failing by only 27 votes the first time, this one wasn't even close. So what now?

Needing a super majority of 60%, the Central Cass School District got only a 47% yes vote. Now school officials say they'll be hesitant about asking the public for anymore money in the near future.

Mark Weston - Superintendent: “I really believe when you look at the global and national economic issues that are influencing people. I think folks are just saying this spending is going out of control and we need to rein it in. And I think we got contaminated with that.”

Superintendent Mark West believes with a tough economy, nobody wants higher taxes at this time. The $4.8 million building bond would've resulted in a $90 property tax increase for a $100,000 home. The new event center would have included a third gymnasium and a multipurpose space for theater and musicals. It would also have included six classrooms. Many people we spoke with in Casselton said the school doesn't need another gymnasium.

Luke Brown – Voted No on Building Bond: “We need more classrooms; we don't need the extra gyms or anything like that at this time. The way the town is growing the past five-six years that I've been here. We're going to need a lot more classrooms than six in the couple years.”

As for the saying, "Third time's a charm," well that third time is most likely a long ways off.