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Published September 27, 2011, 10:09 PM

Postal workers rally to save offices in danger

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Postal workers around the country and right here in Fargo are out to, what they say, save America's postal service.

Postal workers around the country and right here in Fargo are out to, what they say, Save America's Postal Service. Bill #1351, the number of a looming bill in the U.S. House Of Representatives; a bill some post office workers say will dismantle the USPS if defeated.

On the heels of news that local post offices could be closing, including those in Georgetown, Perley and Borup, postal workers are fighting to keep the U.S. Postal Service around. They're trying to gain support from local and state leaders. It’s in a group of about 60 postal workers that Shelley Lewis, dressed in her postal blues is trying to keep the post office, from going broke.

Shelley Lewis – 18 Year Postal Worker: "So were just trying to do this in a means that we know how."

An 18 year vet of wearing the mail bag, she's like the millions of workers around the country today looking for local support and asking state leaders to pass Bill 1351.

Shelley Lewis: "We've got intelligent legislators. Cant they see what’s happening and what the results are going to be for the nation?"

It's a bill, if passed that would change the way the U.S. Postal service has to pay out retirement funds. Right now under a 2006 bill the USPS must Pre-fund healthcare benefits for future retiree's. Meaning it pays more than $5 billion a year in to a fund for people who may work for it, and retire with it.

Rachel Freehauf – US Postal Worker: “We happen to be a federal agency that is relying on congress to act to fix our finances. We’re not like a private business."

Workers here say the fund has been overpaid, which is causing the post office lose money every year, which is something the USPS says if it didn't have to do it wouldn't be closing offices and cutting jobs. Workers rallied for 90 minutes then marched up to Congressman Rick Berg's office to hand in a signed petition to ask for his support. A necessity workers like Shelley Lewis says to keep the mail coming to your door. Congressman Berg was not in his office, but his aid was handed that petition.