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Published August 15, 2011, 10:13 PM

Another round of storms hammer Lidgerwood

Lidgerwood, ND (WDAY TV) - Tonight, very little can cure the headache of some business and homeowners in Lidgerwood.

Tonight, very little can cure the headache of some business and homeowners in Lidgerwood. Storms have plagued our area all this summer. The latest round hammered homes and made one business lose thousands of dollars worth of business, all because of torrential rains.

More than 6 inches of rain fell in Lidgerwood, much of it came in just one hour. Backyards and streets quickly formed lakes, and one business in town lost out on more than a thousand dollars worth of business.

No need for an alarm clock for the Whittier's this morning. Heavy wind, and even heavier rains pounded the neighborhood around 9o'clock, flooding their backyard and basement...

Connie Whittier – Rain Flooded Yard and Basement: "It just came so fast, so fast. I mean it was clear out, and all of the sudden it just started down pouring."

Pictures show what they briefly called "Lake Whittier" in the backyard. At least 5 inches of standing water.

Connie Whittier: "That’s just a lot of water, in a really short time period."

Across town, the effects of the rain are being felt at the golf course, creating quite the water hazard.

Bruce Elsner – Lidgerwood Golf Course: "But the trouble is if you hit the ball over, you can go and get it."

3 ponds on the Lidgerwood course are now connected by a 5 foot deep river of water. That put quite the damper on a near 50 person golf tournament scheduled for this morning.

Bruce Elsner: "We were just about to start, and it just came down in sheets."

Bruce Elsner had to refund each golfers entry fee. Lose out on cart fees, and skip the Monday afternoon lunch. More than a thousand dollars worth of business lost

Bruce Elsner: "It’s all money that’s all gone and doesn’t come back."

Quite the blow to a course that opened a half a month late because of spring flooding. And for the Whittier's, their lake has receded just in time for a potential round of showers tonight...

Connie Whittier: "And it went away just as fast as it came down."

The city's lift station was also running at high capacity. The city tells us at least two homes had some water inside the basements.