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Published July 30, 2011, 06:26 PM

Fiero Lovers Celebrate the Life of Tyler Shipman

Frazee, MN (WDAY TV) - Rain or shine couldn't keep people in Frazee from celebrating the life of Tyler Shipman.

Rain or shine couldn't keep people in Frazee from celebrating the life of Tyler Shipman. Shipman passed away after a battle with cancer more than a year ago.

Fiero lovers alike from around the world came together to celebrate the lost life of one of their own. Tyler Shipman had a passion for the car. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer a group of twenty other Fiero enthusiasts restored his Fiero in just one day. One member of that group came all the way from Qubeq City Canada to show his support.

Danyel Potvin – Drove from Canada: “For me personally I think it’s just a cherry on the Sunday, everything that we worked hard for, to meet the Shipmans and see all the people wanting to help with cancer and the whole situation.”

Tyler's team is back in town, bigger, and better than ever. Last years show was painful for his mother.

Daneele Shipman – Tyler’s Mother: “This year I was fortunate enough to plan it with care and grace and got to be involved in the planning of the car show which is really great for me I really enjoy that”

Tyler’s mother says this car show is a great way to keep Tyler’s memory alive and also showcase his two favorite things...Fieros and Frazee.

Daneele Shipman – Tyler’s Mother: “Tyler would never want us to just you know give up so that was not his attitude and it wont be ours either so we just keep pressing forward.”

Proceeds will be donated to the Tyler Shipman Memorial Foundation benefiting seniors graduating from Frazee High School.

Tylers love for cars and his home town will never die. And today his spirit and car reved once again.

Last year's show raised around 18 hundred dollars. Organizers hope to raise more than three thousand dollars this year.