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Published July 24, 2011, 09:20 AM

UND Student Recounts Terror In Oslo

(WDAZ TV) - The bombing and shooting in Oslo and nearby Utoya left more than 90 dead and 90 more wounded. It's sending shockwaves through an otherwise peaceful country.

By: Meagen Millage, WDAZ

A UND student studying in Oslo recounts what he witnessed on Friday, and how the country is coping now.

"I heard a really big bang, like a really big, really close kind of thunder clap, and then the whole kind of mall shook," third year UND student Lukas Skjaret recalled.

Skjaret was at the Oslo City mall, just blocks from the bomb that went off Friday in downtown Oslo. Skjaret says his initial reaction was similar to many other Americans.

"We thought it was probably a terrorist attack, just because bombing, political building, that to us would equal a terrorist attack," Skjaret said.

Now, days later, the country is in disbelief after discovering the suspect is Norwegian.

"Newspapers truly thought it was some extremist Islamic branch that did this, when in fact it was the opposite. It was a blonde, blue-eyed, wealthy Oslo born and bread individual who did this. So I think there's still a level of shock going through people that they kind of created it," Skjaret said.

Police officers don't normally carry guns. Now, they are all carrying fire arms and driving tanks. A sight that people in Oslo are not used to.

"We overheard people talking and just they didn't know, they didn't understand, they didn't- they were so in shock that it happened to them," Skjaret said.

Shock and grief that still have not worn off.

"I hope that this unites Norway as one country that stands together in times of terrorism and violence, like with the United States after 9/11," Skjaret added.

Norwegians mourn their deadliest day since World War 2, a day that shook peaceful Norway to its core.

Skjaret says he plans on returning to UND this fall to continue studying Norweigan language and culture. And this has not stopped him from wanting to return to Norway next spring.