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Published July 15, 2011, 07:06 PM

MSUM senses opportunity with hockey

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Today MSUM held a press conference to update its pursuit of adding division one hockey

By: Dom Izzo, WDAY

Today MSUM held a press conference to update its pursuit of adding division one hockey, they've raised 15 million dollars to date, needing 37 to be fully funded...I asked school president Dr. Edna Szymanski how close this proposal is to dropping the puck.....

Edna Szymanski – MSUM president: “The fact that there is fifteen million dollars tells you something doesn't it? There others out there that see this as a golden opportunity. There is a synergy here. First of all you have a great arena. You have youth hockey you have the force all of this comes together the only thing that is missing is a D-1 team. And at the current time we are probably in the best condition to bring one in.”

Now as you look at things is it you have got to get in this league with Bemidji with St. Cloud with Mankato already partners of yours or bust?

Szymanski: “I can't say that yet you know the leagues are shifting on a daily basis and I talked with my friend Dick Hanson about this who knows what these are going to look like, what we have to do is position ourselves optimally so this works as a fiscal sustainability and well in terms of the community.”

So on October 15th am i talking to you here about division one hockey?

Szymanski: “I don’t know i think you folks know me i am the most fiscally conservative presidents in the area and in the MNSCU system the only way we will do it is if we do it right, if it is fiscally sustainable and I can really say it's not gonna hurt it's really gonna help the institution and it's gonna help the community.”

Szymanski told me the next 3 months they need to raise the remaning money or the project is in serious jeopardy.