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Published July 15, 2011, 10:22 AM

Supporters rally for police chief facing allegations

Valley City, ND (WDAY TV) - The drama continues in Valley City over the job of police chief Dean Ross.

The drama continues in Valley City over the job of police chief Dean Ross. Here's a look at the timeline of events:

July 6th Ross was accused of selling a public vehicle then donating the money to a charity he was in charge of. Other allegations surfaced that he placed public funds in two accounts, one being a police association account. After being placed on paid leave Ross held a press conference stating his innocence on Wednesday. He displayed what he says is the missing funds and said they have been stashed in a police department safe. The support for Dean Ross is growing in Valley City. Around 100 people protested and Chanted holding signs saying "Keep Dean Ross" outside city hall. His scheduled meeting with city administrator Jon Cameron did not go as planned,

There was a peaceful but passionate mob in Valley City in support of police chief Dean Ross were the people who grew up with Ross as an officer, and him as the police chief for the past 11 years.

Rayma Fiegen – Ross Supporter: "I love Valley City. I think this is horrible for this to have to happen here in Valley City."

A protest for those who feel Ross is being ousted unfairly.

Rayma Fiegen: "I think what's being done now is just purely a power struggle."

As Ross stepped out of his car and walked up to City Hall he was quickly overwhelmed by the support.

Dean Ross – Valley City Police Chief: "Thank you, Thank you. That's what I have to say."

Ross says he fully expected to be fired this morning by City Administrator Jon Cameron. But to his surprise that didn't happen. No Cameron in sight, just one of Ross' police officers.

“He requested you not be on the premises."

Dean Ross: "He can’t even answer any questions. So he sent you over here to do this, my own police officer? Pretty sad, very sad that he's not man enough to stand here."

We spoke with Cameron over the phone who declined to go on camera but says he tried calling Ross Thursday, and also sent him a text message saying his paid leave was extended indefinitely and there would be a letter to follow.

Ross says he didn't know the meeting was canceled because he was out of town at the funeral of Steve Kenner the Bismarck police officer shot and killed. And nowhere in the message did it say it was canceled says Ross.

Dean Ross: "I thought he'd at least be here to at least give me a letter to that effect. Obviously the man has no guts to stand up to anything and be here."

Ross is now forced to wait even longer until the investigation in to the mishandling funds is over. Just when that will be neither Cameron, nor the city would say. Ross says he will not not resign.