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Published July 01, 2011, 06:18 PM

Minnesotans frustrated by government shutdown

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - The frustration among Minnesotans is growing over the government shutdown. Hundreds of services and thousands of jobs are now in question because of the budget rift between Democrats and Republicans.

But not everything is closed up. So what will and wont you be able to do during this shutdown??

The Clay County DMV had nearly 600 transactions yesterday in a rush to get licensing done before the shutdown. But today much of Minnesota is still operating. And the parts that are not, some are getting a rude awakening.

Just hours into a shutdown, some Minnesotans are feeling a bit miffed.

Krista Davis – Frustrated Minnesotan: "I think its ridiculous, I think it should be settled. I mean wasn't this going on a month ago?"

Byron Walukievicz – Frustrated Minnesotan: "Hopefully they come to something here."

Even today at the DMV in Clay County some had to be turned away looking for boat licenses. Here are some things that will be down and out during the shutdown...

Parts of the DMV, like licencing for new drivers and all watercraft licenses.

Chip Lyslow – Frustrated Minnesotan: "Do you have a 16 year-old son that’s suppose to get his license in July and now he cant? Well that’s pretty traumatic thing for a kid."

Good luck hitting the jackpot this weekend...No lottery either. State parks....closed. Rest Stops...locked up. 22,000 state workers...out of a job. And state run construction projects...shut down unless its an emergency..

Chip Lyslow: "We cant be shutdown forever, no. So I think its just a matter of people getting down and sitting at the table and figuring things out."

So here's a look some essential things still up and running. Law Enforcement including the DNR which will still be patrolling lakes. Unemployment Payments. State Payments to cities, counties and schools. And emergency services.

Byron Walukievicz: "What can you think about it? There’s nothing to think about it now."

Chip Lyslow: "It’s something that we have to figure out as a state."

We've talked about it for months. Now the shutdown is here…So until law makers decide on a new budget, the future of jobs and services in the Land of 10,000 Lakes will be uncertain.

Legislators say they don't have a clear picture on when budget negotiations will resume, but you can bet when each law maker heads back to their district this weekend they will hear the frustrations many are feeling around Minnesota.