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Published June 28, 2011, 10:16 PM

Jury foreman gives insight into Burcham verdict

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Tonight the jury foreman in the Clarence Burcham trial gave some insight on how jurors reached the not guilty verdict.

By: WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY

Ken Gilles – Jury Foreman: “You know I think it comes down to the fact that there wasn't enough evidence to convict on the 2 charges that were brought forward and I thought part of that was the complexity of an 18 year old case, witnesses that are either not around anymore or don't recall the stories and not enough new evidence to really convict.”

Gilles says when the seven man and five woman jury took their first vote, it was 4 not guiltys, 8 guiltys. But things changed as they focused on breaking down 7 hours of interrogation tapes. That was the center of their deliberations.

Gilles: “There was a difference in opinion about what was maybe more coerced, versus what was a real, true confession and a lot of our discussions really related to that. How much can you believe, how much can you not believe, how much does the defendant really remember?”

Gilles says alcohol played a huge factor.. And the fact the murder happened 18 years ago.. Left memories fuzzy.