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Published June 18, 2011, 06:35 PM

Oil spill makes Dakota Resource Council question safety

A booming oil business in North Dakota means holding the oil companies for a group or North Dakotans.

A massive oil spill near Cogswell more than a month ago has people from the Dakota resource council demanding answers and aiming to keep the oil industry safe and regulated. By many standards it's a small group that gathering in Fargo. But these protestors are passionate and looking for change in the oil industry in North Dakota. The Dakota Resource Council, a group of around 300-North Dakotans aims to protect land owners rights.

The Keystone pipeline is just feet away from his home in Cogswell and a few miles away was the largest of the 11-spills the pipeline has seen.

Paul Matthews: "When I look at that pipeline even 1500-feet away, you wonder how safe you are from whatever distance you are."

He is among the group asking for accountability from the TransCanada company.

Paul Matthews: "I think there needs to be some better understanding to what the risks are."

Demonstrators say inspections are rare on the pipeline, frequent fly overs but they believe workers need to be on the ground in order to keep homeowners and the environment safe from another potential spill

Ed Gruchalla: "depending on where these spills occur, I mean they could get in to the water system. They could get in to the rivers, the drinking water for major cities."

A close group, aiming to keep North Dakota's oil business safe and prospering. The Public Service Commission has no plans to discuss the spill this summer.