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Published June 15, 2011, 10:37 PM

SceneTap lets you know where the action is

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Heading out on the town? Do you know where the party crowd is? With a new phone app that launches in July, you may be able to find it without ever stepping foot inside the bar.

Its called SceneTap and it aims to give you some crucial bar scene information before hitting the town.

If you want to tap in to a bar scene, you usually peek your head in the door. But even that will seem like too much work thanks to SceneTap.

Tiffany Finke – OB Restaurant Manager: "We've had people contact us about ideas similar to that."

The new app will allow bar hoppers to check the ages of people at bars, see the guy to girl ratios and how many people are at the bar and what the bar scene is like next door.

So how does it all work. The bar owner would have to install a camera, Which uses face recognition similar to what Facebook uses in tagging photos. Then that information can be uploaded right to your phone in real time.

Briana Jahn – Bar Hopper/Student: "I think its kind of a neat concept. Because you can see what's going on there before you get there."

Sarah Schock - Bar Hopper/Student: "I think people are too lazy to go in to bars and do it themselves. Its kind of taking away from the purpose of meeting people."

Like any good drink, reviews about the app from bar hoppers were pretty well mixed.

Dave Ziel – Goes out to bars: "It wouldn't be a significant factor for me making a decision on where I would go."

Briana Jahn: "One bar is on one end of town and you go there and there’s nobody there and the other bars at the other end of town you wasted some time trying to find where all the fun people are."

Even some bar managers we spoke with are not completely sold on the idea.

Tiffany Finke: "I just don't think you know something you'd sit on your couch and see you know where I’m going to go tonight."

Either way, finding the biggest bar party in the future may be done with just a flick of the finger. The SceneTap company is based in Chicago and has a contract with 50 bars in the city. The company says it is looking in to more markets to expand the app in the near future.