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Published June 13, 2011, 10:23 PM

Parents warn of summer road dangers

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A family from Barnesville knows all to well the "horrors" of having a child hit by a car while riding a bike.

Their son, Keeton is bruised, battered, but lucky to be alive after an accident. Today's bike accident is the 4th between a vehicle and a child-either walking or on a bike-in 2 weeks. One 7 year old was even killed a week ago after being hit by a car. As parents what should we be telling our kids about safety and the streets?

Since school has been out, I’m sure you've seen them; Kids, out on their bikes hitting the streets. And just today, a tense situation in Fargo is bringing back the memories for one family and they're asking drivers and bikers to look out.

Dale Miller – Worried parent: "It is scary, nightmares about it. I think. Its kinda that thing."

Its something you may fear as a parent. But you never expect it.

Brooke Hoppe – Son hit by car: "Its a mothers first thoughts, you know, why him?"

Just last Thursday, Brooke Hoppe got the call her son Keeton was struck by a car while riding his bike.

Brooke Hoppe – Son hit by car: "I just went in to shock. I didn't know what to think, like is he ok.?"

Keeton Lewis was knocked out when the car hit him; he doesn't remember the accident. But reminders of the crash a fractured pelvis, broken tibia, stitches and road rash.

Keeton Lewis: "I was riding this way and I just got hit."

As summer begins, kids 2 wheels of freedom also come out. So paying more attention when your cruising down the street bike or car is "Crucial" say biking experts.

Tom Smith – Bike expert: "Those little mistakes that can be a fender bender, because of distracted driving, it can really be a very serious accident if it happens to be a bicyclist."

Simple things like setting boundaries for your small kids. Strapping on helmets. teaching them traffic laws. And be predictable riders and don't made sudden turns.

Dale Miller: "I cant imagine a 10-year old, how times have changed even out and about. So I’m probably a little over protective."

Kids like Keeton Lewis can live to ride another day. But you can bet he and his family have a whole new plan when he hops back on the bike.

Brooke Hoppe: "You gotta look both ways you gotta be safe, because not everyone is watching out for what your doing and you always got to look up."

Starting next week at Fargo South high school, Fargo Police will be heading up a bike safety class for 9th-12th graders.