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Published May 24, 2011, 10:06 AM

2011 Spring: No 80-degree days for the first time since 1983

(WDAY TV) - If you think our spring has been cold, you’re right. We are yet to see a high of 80 in Fargo. The average date for an 80 is May 6th. Stormtracker Meteorologist Rob Kupec has a look at how this spring stacks up in the record books and what it means to a local garden center.

Meteorologists consider spring to be March, April, and May and since record have been kept in Fargo we've only had 9 springs were we didn't hit a temperature of 80 degrees or more.

The last time that occurred was June of 1983. We didn't hit 80º that year until June 7th.

The time before that was 1945 when we didn't hit 80º until a staggering late June 21st. Plants and Gardens are great indicators of how the spring weather has been.

Here in Shotwell's Greenhouse it looks like spring is in full bloom but even here plants are running several weeks behind average.

JD SHOTWELL - Shotwell Floral Greenhouse: “Everything is growing a little bit slower. Our cell packs are coming off a little bit slower. Like our shade coleus in cell packs a little tougher to grow when it’s in cooler weather. It is a little more of the sensitive items that are a little bit more particular.”

Plants, gardeners and the rest of us may have one last shot at the 80's but its small. Memorial Day and the 31st there will be warm air to our south but right now it does not look to make it here.

So far this spring, we are running about 3 degrees below average.