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Published May 19, 2011, 08:52 AM

Hawley boy raises money to help people battling cancer

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Hawley Minnesota boy with a big heart has won tonight's Youth Run before he even got to the starting line. The little guy set his sights on a big mark in the Fargo marathon, all to help people battling a deadly disease.

By: Travis Skonseng, WDAY

Jette Frandson has run races in the past. Tonight, he's back, better than ever, taking on a new fight close to his heart: The fight against cancer. This young runner is showing he's more mature than many his age.

You can hardly miss him in the crowd of children. His red hair as bright as can be.

JETTE FRANDSON – Runner: “I am very happy to see all those fans out there helping me out.”

Jette Frandson may not be the fastest kid. The 9-year old has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome. It's slows him down. Last year, he finished last in this race.

JETTE FRANDSON – Runner: “I’m pretty excited and I’m pretty scared.”

KRYSTYNE FRANDSON - Jette's Mother: “I was hoping he would do the half because last year he did the Mile because he is a little bit smaller than most 9-year olds.”

But like any avid runner, Jette's passion has brought him back here to the Fargo Marathon. The little guy is on a mile long mission.

JETTE FRANDSON – Runner: “I hope that people will stop having cancer and stop dying because of it.”

Jette's family couldn't be prouder. They run alongside and behind him to give him the motivation that he can do it. With each slow stride, Jette is quickly helping conquer the world of cancer.

KRYSTYNE FRANDSON - Jette's Mother: “I’m very, very proud of this big heart.”

The smile on his face shows it all. Yeah he's a bit tired, but in the end as he crosses the finish line, Jette knows this isn't his last run. The young man with a big heart has gone above and beyond, this journey taking with him a proud medal.

JETTE FRANDSON – Runner: “My new goal is to try to do better next time and I’m really stressed out but it was a blast.”

Jette had a goal of raising 500 dollars for the American Cancer Society. So far, he's raised an impressive 705 and will continue to throughout this marathon.

Jette Frandson Donations For Fargo Marathon Youth Run: Send To Tom Donaldson C/O American Cancer Society 51 Fremont Drive South Fargo, ND 58103.