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Published May 16, 2011, 09:57 AM

Pantry on wheels delivers food assistance to rural areas

Glyndon, Minn. (WDAY TV) - The need for emergency food assistance is at all time highs. The demand for food is not limited to just the city. Rural areas are seeing a big demand, but many don't have food pantries.

Two semi trucks loaded with 1,500 boxes of food roll into the Glyndon Community Center parking lot and cars line-up to pull into what amounts to a drive through food pantry. Each one of these boxes has enough food for 2 people for a week. The food is meant to be a boost to help people in need get a little bit ahead.

MELISSA SOBOLIK - Great Plains Food Bank: “A lot of people from Clay County do come in to Fargo to go to the Food Pantry, but I mean with gas at $4 there not going to be doing that very often. And if we can bring the food to them instead of them having to go, we're happy to eat that cost.”

This is the first mobile pantry that Great Plains has done in Clay County even though they have 16 rural communities in North Dakota that they see 4 times a year.

MELISSA SOBOLIK - Great Plains Food Bank: “The first mobile that we did in Dunseith, which is a community of about 600, we pulled up with our truck and there were 511 cars lined up and we served 1500 people that day in about 3 hours.”

And with demand high here in Clay County, this will also become a regular route for the mobile pantry. Last year, the Great Plains Food Bank served nearly 6 million meals across North Dakota.