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Published May 06, 2011, 11:51 AM

More students taking a serious look at 2-year schools

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A record number of students are graduates tonight of M-S-C-T-C. WDAY-6 reporter Bill Schammert takes a look at why more and more people are taking a serious look at these 2-year schools.

553 Graduates; 30 more than the previous record at M-State in Moorhead

JERRY MIGLER, PH.D. - M-State Provost: “What we're seeing is that certainly our tuition rates tend to be more competitive and more affordable and then the national economy being what it has, even though our region hasn't been affected as much as other parts of the country.”

The road isn't over for many of the graduates. After having the academic transfer program for only a few years, school officials estimate nearly 30-to-40 percent of graduates today will continue on to a four-year school, already half done.

ARIC KACZMARSKI - Business Management Graduate: “At this point in time it seems like a high school diploma is a think of the past, where as it's almost expected for a student to continue on to that post-secondary education.”

The average tuition rate at M-State is just under 150-dollars per credit hour. That's for both resident and non resident students. It's a price that many students say affected their decision to attend the school.

LAURA JUETTEN - Culinary Arts Graduate: “I figured out if I got a two-year degree here, and then transferred somewhere else, I would save a ton of money.”

Migler said M-State consistently has a 90-plus percent placement rate for its graduates with both jobs and continuing education.

Migler: “We have some programs that even with the economy the way it is, have historically hit 100-percent placement.”

The average tuition cost at NDSU is around 250-dollars per credit hour for residents, 625-dollars per hour for non residents.