WDAY: The News Leader

Published May 03, 2011, 03:49 PM

19 people arrested in connection with narcotics distribution

Fergus Falls, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A 1-day drug raid in several Otter Tail County communities hit the jackpot with dealers, drugs and drug rings. Authorities put 19-people in jail, broke up several drug rings, and sent a strong message to anyone dealing in drugs. Law enforcement officials are calling it Operation Spring Clean-up.

In a joint venture with the West Central Minnesota Drug Task Force and the Otter Tail County Sheriffs Office, the Fergus Falls Police Department went on a drug raid yesterday, rounding up 19 people yesterday in connection with narcotics distribution.

Authorities say the drug raid broke up several operations in Otter Tail County. Much of the investigation stems from months of undercover work. Undercover officers bought a variety of drugs, from crack cocaine, to ecstasy, to methamphetamine.

The individuals arrested range from age 17 to their mid 50's.

KILE BERGREN - Fergus Falls Police Chief: “I think it just sends a strong message to some of these undesirable types that our communities aren't going to tolerate this kind of activity.”

Law enforcement officials say you can expect more arrests coming as the investigation unfolds. Police say at least three different drug rings were broken up in Fergus Falls alone.