WDAY: The News Leader

Published April 10, 2011, 08:25 AM

Law enforcement agencies rush to save a family from floodwaters

Argusville, ND (WDAY TV) - A unique flood, and today it was dangerous for some. Authorities are calling it the biggest rescue mission in this year's flood. 5-Law enforcement agencies rushed to save a family and two family pets in rural Argusville today.

For Linda Kemp and her family, after days of fighting back floodwaters, today was like rubbing salt in a wound. All the rain that fell proved to be just too much to fight back.

It is here, off of Highway 81 that crews get their closest chance to launch boats to rescue the family. It is 5-miles away from the home.

TOM HALL - Cass County Sheriff: "It would be like a bad white cap day, but its quite a bit of distance were talking about here."

4-Air boats including a Coast Guard helicopter are racing to save Linda Kemps family from the rising Red River.

SARA MEADE - Linda's Daughter: "I've never seen it get this close to Harwood ever, it’s just not good."

After three days of fighting floodwaters the rain was just too much for the family, sump pumps also couldn't handle the water. Linda's Son Marvin decided it was time to leave.

LINDA KEMP - Evacuated Her Home: "We had to let it go, it's hard but you can’t fight it."

MARVIN HOLM - Linda's Son: "I feel bad for my mom, because she's put so much time in to that place."

It's a familiar flood fight for the family. In ’97, they left their home, again in 2009, but since then they never imagined ever being evacuated again.

Linda Kemp: "No I didn't. I thought we could make it this time too."

Marvin Holm: "The river is our eastern border and then we have water coming at us from the west so were fighting on two fronts. It’s impossible. It is just impossible."

Just minutes before this rescue crews also rescued a stranded farmer in his tractor after the road washed out from under him. Tonight, Linda and her family are heading to Amenia to be safe and dry with her daughter.