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Published April 08, 2011, 11:26 AM

Town of Forman rallying to save two homes and a school

Forman, ND (WDAY TV) – It is the worst flooding many in Forman North Dakota have ever seen. A heavy snowpack and flooded slews are making flood fighting efforts a non stop job in the town. The town is rallying to save two homes and the school.

Overnight flood waters rose nearly 6-inches in Forman, so sandbag dikes that were built are being built up again. And one homeowner in town is just thankful that everyone is banding together to help save her home, something she just can do anymore.

The water that is inching closer to the West side of town now has 88-year old May Bopp's home surrounded.

"I guess I always wanted a swimming pool."

The pool that May wanted here at her home now is a bit more than what she had hoped for.

MAY BOPP - Home Surrounded by Water: “It is really scary because it never came up from the south like this."

Dozens of volunteers either trudge through the 3 foot water or piled on to Bobcats to get to the home to stack up a 3-foot sandbag wall. All in a selfless effort to save May Bopp's home from the quickly rising water.

DIXIE BOPP - May's Niece: “It's nice to know that everyone's got your back if you really need it."

Earlier in the day volunteers sandbagged around the back of the school as water crept closer to the newly built edition.

A few blocks away, a narrow sandbag wall sits between nearly a mile of water and the rest of a neighborhood. Something many have never seen this close to town.

CLINT MCLAUGHLIN - Forman Fire Department: "97 was our other highest year and it is another 3-4 feet higher than it was in 97."

Back at May Bopp's home, she watches, her days of pitching sandbags are over, but her heart in it more than ever and with each person working to hard to save her home....

May Bopp: "It’s just wonderful that people help. It’s just a good place to be."

Officials in Sargent County say they hope waters will go down this weekend and May is staying at her nephews house for the time being until she can get a dry path back in to her home.