WDAY: The News Leader

Published April 08, 2011, 11:00 AM

VIEW FROM THE SKY: Aerial footage of flooding on the Red River

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - We are getting our first look at flooding on the Red River valley from the sky. Some dramatic aerial footage from Fargo all the way to Wahpeton shows much of the Red River Valley under water and it seems to be moving north fast.

We were up in the air for around two hours today there definitely still is a lot of water out there, but the farther south we went, the less water we found.

We started heading south from the Moorhead airport. It didn't take us long to find plenty of overland flooding. This is the first farmstead we saw just off of highway 81 about 7 miles southwest of the airport.

You can see Highway 81 here, which is a long narrow island and eventually dips in to the water. We came across this home just South of Fargo, dozens of people were filling sandbags to build a dike in the back yard.

Here is a look at Oxbow. The city remains well protected, but the golf course is now a lake. Just outside of Oxbow some homes sit as islands, as one homeowner is barricaded in by plywood walls.

A much different picture in Abercrombie than two years ago, even in 2010, flood waters threatened the whole town. Today there is little water to be seen. This county highway near Wolverton just barely succumbed to waters from the Red.

Here’s a look South near Wahpeton, you can see the overland flooding is starting to dissipate, which is a good sign for many up North just waiting for the Red's crest in a few days. As we head back to the metro we can see here, the nearly 37-foot river level, flooding Center Mall Avenue and parking ramp.

We give a special thanks to our Pilot Steve Nelson.