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Published April 07, 2011, 03:59 PM

Moorhead homeowner taking the wait and see approach to sandbagging

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - Even today, there are a few homeowners, mostly who live around the 40 foot mark who are still taking the wait and see approach to sandbagging. One Moorhead couple says they still aren't ready to throw down sandbags.

JOHN GJEVRE - Moorhead Homeowner: "I'm almost 77 years old so I probably shouldn't be doing this hard work."

John Gjevre is one of a few Moorhead homeowners who are waiting to see what the Red River brings.

MICHAEL REDLINGER - Moorhead City Manager: “We are now fewer than 5 properties that have declined sandbags altogether or who have received deliveries but are just kind of thinking about it."

John's certainly still thinking. Not about putting the bags out, but about cleaning them up.

JOHN: "Turns out that my wife and I are going to have to carry every sandbag to the street again. There are no heroes after the flood.”

For now the only sandbags John is throwing is onto some plastic sheeting protecting his homemade dike. Just this fall, John added 2 more feet to his dike bringing it up to just about 41 and a half feet, still a few inches short of the 42 feet Moorhead is advising people to build to.

The Gjevre's say they'll wait until Saturday to decide if they'll add on to their dike and they're not concerned about getting the help.

JOHN: "There are always people that come."

That assurance comes with years of flooding fighting. They've lived here since 1981, but if given the option of buyout, John says he'd likely concede at this point.

JOHN: "We don't regret living here but at our age, you know when you're in your 70's, you kind of start thinking otherwise."

John's plan at this point is to run a couple sump pumps in his backyard within the dike to keep his basement dry and to wait out to see how high the river gets this weekend.