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Published April 06, 2011, 11:54 AM

Bomb threat puts Pelican Rapids High School on high alert

Pelican Rapids, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A bomb threat in Otter Tail County had teachers, students and police in Pelican Rapids on high alert. For much of the day both the elementary and high school was on lockdown, police guarding doors, everyone in and out needed clearance.

Around 11 this morning students were locked in their rooms, lights shut down. Students told us they thought it was a drill, but after an hour of being closed-in, some nerves began to build.

NICOLETTE WONTOR – Senior: “They had everyone turn off their cell phones so that was a new twist."

These two seniors were about to leave school for a class they take in Fergus Falls when they were forced into the library on lockdown with no information.

NICOLETTE WONTOR – Senior: “It was interesting, you could hear people walking around, but we thought they brought in dogs."

What happened was police traced a county 9-1-1 call to the Pelican Rapids area.

MARLYS EBERSVILLER - School Counselor: "Saying there was a bomb in the building."

The call was vague. The caller didn't say what building or even the word school, but it was enough to force the lockdown. Police searched schools and found nothing. Students then had a somewhat normal afternoon.

MARLYS EBERSVILLER - School Counselor: "They would continue and move from one class to the other, but not be wondering around and go to class."

All day Doors remained guarded by police and school staff and after school activities were called off, playing it safe after the threat. The school sent out a mass call to parents. They were given the option to come pick up their children early from school.