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Published April 06, 2011, 11:25 AM

Amenia home hit by overland flooding

Amenia, ND (WDAY TV) - Authorities in Cass County have been getting calls today about overland flooding threatening to wash out roads and flood homes. One family in Amenia is cleaning up after water flooded their farmstead and their basement.

Paul and Delores Erb took their spring vacation to Florida early this year so they could be back in time for the flood. But when the water started to rise, it came up faster than Paul expected.

Paul Erb is trying to get this hole in his driveway filled back in less than a day after he dug a trench to try and get water moving away from his home.

PAUL ERB - Home Flooded: "It really ran through there and it looked like for a while that it was going to take care of it, but it just kept getting a little bit higher and higher."

Overnight, water continued to rise. Around 9'oclock they decided they needed to call for sandbags and they needed them in a hurry.

Paul Erb: "Finally by the time we decided it was going to get too high, it was too late."

Water flooded their basement, ruining all the carpet and forcing them to shuffle around furniture to keep it dry. Something Paul’s wife Delores says she knew was coming.

DELORES ERB - Home Flooded: “I guess he's more optimistic about things and I'm more realistic."

Water still sits pooled in their yard while two sump pumps are helping Mother Nature push it in to the Rush River.

Paul Erb: "I guess it could be worse. We could have a Tsunami or whatever you call them."

Maybe this flood season, to make sure your home will be protected from the waters; all you’ll need is a wise wife.

Paul Erb: "It just didn’t look like it was going to flood."

Delores Erb: "I hope maybe he learned his lesson."

Nearby family members brought in farm equipment to quickly pump water out of their yard. And damage they say is a few hundred dollars, and Delores seems happy to be getting some new carpet.