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Published April 05, 2011, 04:06 PM

City leaders urge people to not get complacent after a lack of volunteers

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A lack of volunteers has severely slowed the first day of sandbagging efforts in Moorhead. City leaders are hoping that with the latest flood numbers, folks aren't just getting complacent.

The lack of volunteers is apparent here at the Hoff Family Home. They are the only home on their street currently sandbagging and as for manpower, they're relying on the kindness of a few friends.

CHRIS HOFF - Moorhead Homeowner: "The way the river's coming up, it's coming up fast and I think, yeah, we need to do something here soon."

Chris Hoff is one homeowner who's not taking the wait-and-see approach.

CHRIS HOFF - Moorhead Homeowner: "From Saturday to Sunday it went up four feet, so the water's coming."

It's his third year in a row having to sandbag his South Moohead home, but on this first day of dike building, he's the only homeowner on Riverview Circle getting to work. He's the example that Moorhead city leaders wished more homeowners would take. They're urging folks not to let their guard down regardless of the relaxed crest projections.

MARK VOXLAND - Moorhead Mayor: “The fact that we know the river is going to up to 38 feet, that's going to be about the third highest flood that we've seen in recent history. Even if it stops at 38 feet, it's pretty critical that we get out there right now.”

MICHAEL REDLINGER - Moorhead City Manager: “It's really important that we make sure we're protected as high as we can be so that we can take care of any surprises that might happen with precipitation this weekend.”

Lucky for Chris Hoff, his friends are on board with being safe instead of sorry

CHRIS HOFF - Moorhead Homeowner: “I sent out an SOS last night and I got a response so we'll just get it done today.”

In Moorhead there are about 300 homes that will need to build sandbag dikes as of this morning, only a dozen homeowners called in to get their bags. Homeowners who would like to request sandbags can call the hotline: 218-299-5300. Volunteers can call first link at 476-4000.