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Published April 03, 2011, 08:41 AM

Abercrombie adds more tools to fight back rising water

Abercrombie, ND (WDAY TV) - Despite the projection, some people in Abercrombie are more relaxed than ever waiting for flood waters to hit or not hit their town. This video is from the past two floods. Homeowners watched water threaten the entire town, but this year, Abercrombie has more tools to fight back rising water.

The two rivers and overland flooding that threaten town may have just met their match.

Sandbagging is just not an option for Mark Gylland.

MARK GYLLAND - Lives In Abercrombie: "None, I don't want any."

Gylland sandbagged his house the past two years. This year he says, will be different with a new dike in his backyard that stretches two city blocks.

MARK GYLLAND - Lives in Abercrombie: "Well, it looks good. Water's flowing like it should."

The Wild Rice and Red Rivers sit on each side of town, which only made overland flooding worse last year and in 09.

DAVE HAMMOND - Abercrombie Deputy Mayor: "It actually overtakes the main street when it come in and overtook the storm sewer."

The dike will hold water back and drain any overland flooding in to the Red. Another new tool is this pump the city just bought for 15-thousand dollars. In minutes it can be placed anywhere in the city and pump 13-hundred gallons of water every minute.

DAVE HAMMOND - Abercrombie Deputy Mayor: "A lot of changes. If I had my way one of these days I would kick back, and go and help somebody else."

Crews have also dug out drainage ditches to get water flowing out of town. So for Mark Gylland, he hopes to kick back and watch the water rise and hope that everything the city has done to prepare is enough to keep him and his neighbors, dry.

Mark Gylland: "That’s right."