WDAY: The News Leader

Published March 30, 2011, 10:45 AM

Cobber baseball practice moves outside despite snow banks

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY Sports) - With last week's snowstorm, it has pushed back the start of the spring season even later here in the Red River Valley, but one team is still able to practice outside despite the snow banks.

Dan Wackler - Concordia Senior Infielder: “This late snow has really put a damper on the season. We’ve had 14-15 games cancelled already.”

And the Cobbers would still be practicing inside too, if it weren't for the turf infield, mound and all. It was installed last fall, a green and red magic carpet, even if it doesn't shovel itself.

Bucky Burgau - 512 wins at Concordia: “It's great to have. We all shoveled the snow off Saturday. It's great to be outside when everyone else is in a gym fielding grounders. For us, it's important because we've only played 4 games thus far.”

That's partly due to the Metrodome not being ready to use yet, the Cobbers had a bunch of games scheduled there, and partly due to the weather, but they've been able to get out on the new turf and at least practice in recent days.

Alex Jungels - Concordia Senior Outfielder: “It's a breath of fresh air, literally. It keeps the team morale up a lot.”

Dan Wackler - Concordia Senior Infielder: “It's nice for morale, being outside, it seems like we're close to playing games and resuming normal baseball.”

The outfield is still grass and still snow covered. So the Cobbers have to stick to things in the infield like bunting, base running, and taking grounders.

Dan Wackler - Concordia Senior Infielder: “It's weird to be dodging snow, taking ground balls.”

Alex Jungels - Concordia Senior Outfielder: “You gotta keep your feet on the ground because you want to get all excited because you're outside but then you realize there's only so much you can do. There's still snow everywhere.”

Everywhere except a little green and red diamond oasis at Concordia. The Cobbers were supposed to host the Bison tomorrow, that game has been postponed. Concordia is at Hamline Saturday.