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Published March 24, 2011, 09:01 AM

The spring flood fight begins for many living in rural areas

Baker, Minn. (WDAY TV) - As we wait for temperatures to get out of the deep freeze, and into a melting mode, some rural families are already in the flood fighting mode. While so much attention has been paid to the metro preparing for spring flooding, many living in rural areas know they will likely be battling water like never before.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

16-year old Kieran Daly and his buddy Cody had a pretty good reason to take a break from class today. How about shoveling sand?

KIERAN DALY - Sandbagging Family Home: “Nice to get out of school to save your home.”

Filling bags to help save the Daly home just outside of Sabin.

KIERAN DALY - Sandbagging Family Home: “ “It is Minnesota, you never know what is going to happen.”

It is here where a small creek just off the Buffalo River has backed up, threatening some rural homes.

KIERAN DALY - Sandbagging Family Home: “It is a little too close for comfort.”

Today, Kieran started on the wall of bags that will protect his family's home from overland flooding.

KIERAN DALY - Sandbagging Family Home: “Once it warms up there will be a lot more water. Some say the freezing will slow it down, but when it melts, there will be a lot of water.”

But in addition to the ice surrounding homes, families have another concern, simply getting home will be an issue. Some roads are already closed and underwater. For Kieran, he is just hoping the melt is manageable. The last things he and his family wants is to build a wall of protection that can't hold back what it is to come.

The Daly family did not have to go far for bags. Clay County provides townships with empty bags that rural families can use for flood protection.

Fargo may not be moving sandbags today as originally planned, but the equipment needed is already in place. Fargo has had the equipment in place since last Friday.

37 skid steers and dozens of portable bathrooms are ready for when volunteers and city workers begin deploying sandbags, but officials are still not sure when that day will be.

BEN DOW - Fargo Public Works Department: “We are kind of floating on the weather and we are focusing on a four day delivery schedule, so we are going to go whenever the weather will allow us to go.”

Officials have a meeting tomorrow morning to revise Fargo's deployment schedule.