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Published March 13, 2011, 11:47 AM

TV Storm Chaser Visits Hillsboro for Student Group Fundraiser

He's not here for a storm, but to raise money for a good cause
People in Hillsboro, ND, got to meet their favorite storm chaser Sunday, as TV's Reed Timmer spent some time talking about being inside of a tornado, all while supporting a local student group.

By: Brady Mallory, WDAZ

"We're talking about something I'm excited about, which is tornadoes and the data inside there," Timmer said.

People in Hillsboro are pretty excited about meeting Reed Timmer.

"I spent a lot of time shopping just to make this month go by!" fan Gerene Erickson said.

Timmer is one of the stars of the Discovery Channel's show "Storm Chasers."

"There are a lot of aspiring meteorologists out there, fans of Storm Chasers. I'm looking forward to showing them video from inside a tornado," Timmer said.

Getting that video requires this a 6,000 pound tank he calls the dominator. It can go in the center of F-5 tornadoes. It's a little more impressive than your average SUV.

"I want to ride in it! Into the storm!" fan Mariana Rumer said.

Timmer isn't in Hillsboro chasing a storm. Instead he's here for a group of high school students and a good cause.

"Having big things like this, it really gets SADD's name out there," Tori Rude with the SADD group said.

SADD, students against destructive decisions, teaches students about drugs and alcohol.

Timmer is lending his name to help the group raise money, so teenagers here can continue to help their peers.

"Kids our age view SADD a a really big support group," Rude said.

"It's a great way for students and our best friends. We want to make sure they're safe, so we provide different activities for them," SADD group member Mindy Svaleson said.

The money raised will help SADD pay for an upcoming convention.