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Published March 01, 2011, 08:33 AM

Doran family is ecstatic to see charges raised to 1st degree murder

Doran, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A murder victim’s family has been put through an excruciating, up and down path toward justice. Lori Roberts was murdered in her Doran home back in September of '09. More than a year and a half later, her family finally has the charge they've been pleading for.

Roberts' family had to wait 8 months after she was murdered for an arrest. Even then, it was bitter-sweet for the family, the alleged murderer, Roberts’s ex-boyfriend was charged with 2nd degree murder, a max of 40-years behind bars.

STEPHANIE HOLDING EAGLE - Lori Roberts' Daughter: "It's really frustrating, 2nd degree was definitely not what we were looking for."

Stephanie Holding-Eagle says her family was ecstatic after a Wilkin County grand jury recently raised charges against Jeffrey Silvernail to 1st degree murder. Nearly 17 months after her mother’s murder.

“It was premeditated, just all the things linking up to that day that he killed my mother, definitely we were anticipating 1st degree."

Silvernail allegedly shot Roberts in the head; Holding-Eagle says it was because her mom was breaking up with him. Silvernail is set to go on trial this September; he'll be facing life in prison.

"His life doesn't really hold any value to me. So him having his life taken is not enough for me in a sense. I wish that Minnesota did hold the death penalty so I could watch him die like he watched my mother."

Holding-Eagle along with her cousin and aunt followed Roberts to the Wahpeton area in 2000. They came to start a new life and escape the crime rate in California. After the trial all of them will have moved back to California working toward another new start.

Silvernail will have an arraignment in Wilkin County this Thursday at 2.