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Published February 22, 2011, 12:05 PM

Arrest made in Moorhead gas station robbery; Weapon used belongs to a Cass County deputy

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - The deputies gun is still missing, but the man accused of robbing the store is behind bars tonight. 21-year old James Taylor is facing 2 felony charges: Aggravated Robbery and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Police arrested Taylor after they did a search of his home.

The key link in this case is the gun we told you about: A revolver issued to a Cass County deputy. Taylor allegedly took the gun from long-time Cass County Deputy, Duwane Nitchke's home.

Now, Nitchke had no idea it was missing until recently. Taylor apparently got to it through his friendship with Nitchke's step-sons.

β€œIt's what we call a detective special.”

Captain Rick Majerus says the gun stolen from Deputy Nitchke was issued some 20 years ago. It looks similar to this one here.

"A two inch barrel it's very small gun."

Court documents say Taylor is friends with the Deputy's step-sons. That's how he had access to the gun. The complaint says Taylor admitted to one of the step-sons. He took the gun, but said he'd give it back. Taylor never did.

Also in the document, Taylor allegedly threatened his roommate with a small revolver days before the Moorhead burglary. And another friend of Taylor's says Taylor had been carrying a revolver in his waistband.

"They call them detective specials because they used to carry them on their side they weren't so big and bulky could wear it under a suit."

The complaint says the clerk at Stop-N-Go knew Taylor from previous trips into the store. The clerk told police they were 80 percent sure it was Taylor who pointed the gun.

The gun has not been found. Captain Majerus says there's no internal investigation being done and they're not looking into the theft, yet.

"Moorhead and Fargo have a bigger dog in the fight than we do. It's not a good thing to have a weapon stolen from anybody, but it is unfortunate that it happened this way."

Police have released similar descriptions for All 3 of the stop-n-go robberies, but remain tight lipped on whether or not all of them are linked. Taylor was arrested before the Fargo Stop-N-Go was robbed last Tuesday.