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Published February 21, 2011, 11:09 AM

Moorhead High Industrial tech teacher builds his own personal snowplow

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - Just when you thought spring had sprung another dose of shoveling. But a Moorhead man has come up with an easier way of moving snow. He built his own personal snowplow.

Snow plows clearing driveways have been a pretty common sight this winter, but on the back of a Ford Taurus?

“I get a lot of people that take their cell phone out and they video tape me as I'm driving by.”

This unique contraption is the handwork of Jeff Schneider a Moorhead High Industrial tech teacher.

“I was sick of snow blowing and shoveling and I have a friend who built a small loader and I thought I don't really need a small loader, but I think a snowplow would be kind of fun to build.”

Schneider rolled the steel himself and welded the frame. The plow weighs about 75lbs and with an extension cord hooked into his battery it works just like plow on a truck.

“Hooks right into the receiver hitch of the vehicle, I get my electrical connections. Push one button and it goes down. I push the other button and it goes back up.”

And Schneider has used the plow as an example for his students.

“You know it inspires them to make their own custom projects, whether it's a grill guard or whether it's a deer stand or a go-cart or a mini-bike. The students enjoy watching me push snow around the school. They think it’s hilarious that a Ford Taurus station wagon is pushing snow around because all the kids drive pick-ups and SUV's.”

The total cost of the materials, including the left mechanism, was around 100 dollars. It took Schneider about 10 hours to make.