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Published February 07, 2011, 10:02 AM

Locally developed Facebook App helps you find a designated driver

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - There is a new App for a smart phone or Facebook that's targeting drunk driving. Two MSUM students have come up with a new application to help you find a designated driver.

What happens when your out late and a had a little too much to drink and a cab just can't be found and you not sure what friends are around for a ride? This is what happened to Blake Severyn not that long ago and it got him thinking.

“I was searching through my phone trying to find a friend that would come and pick us up and it just kind of popped into my head, I have all these Facebook friends that could volunteer a ride.”

Severyn's friend Jordan Doerr thought it was a good idea and went to work.

“I've known a little bit of programming, but never made a Facebook application before. So it took me a couple of weeks just to figure out how to use all of Facebook’s code to access friends lists and create an application.”

The App is called Staying In and can be used from either Facebook or your smart phone. So I just go on here enter my phone number and then say how many hours I'm going to be home then my friends, if they needed a ride, could go on Facebook and find me or if I was out and needed a ride, I could do the same thing.

The entrepreneurial pair is pleased with the growth they have seen so far.

“Our monthly active users was 162, which isn't bad, it's only been up and running for a week or so. We're pretty happy with that so far.”

And with the help of a little modern technology, it’s just another way for people to pay it forward.

“We're going to work in a thing that keeps track of rides. Say I give Jordan a ride home, that's going to be counted, so now he owes me a ride. So you know you don't have to go through a phone calling everyone you can just see which of your friends volunteered a ride for the night.”

It's good all around, just for those nights when your home you could help someone stay safe. For now, the App is free, but these two business majors hope to someday expand to a fee service where you call or text them to get a list of your friends.

To access the app go to, or on your smart phone.