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Published February 03, 2011, 11:27 AM

Reminder: In Minnesota, you may be responsible for guests who drink

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - If you're hosting a Super Bowl Party this weekend, authorities in Moorhead have a reminder for you. If your guests drink, you are responsible for them.

Authorities say Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for busting drunk drivers and your responsibility as a party host doesn't end when your guests leave your door.

Minnesota has a Social liability law. If you're the host of a party and provide alcohol to minors you can be held responsible if the minor is involved in an accident. Even if the person is of age and they appear to be obviously drunk you can be held responsible if you don't cut them off and they injure or kill themselves or someone else.

LT. Tory Jacobson: "That is the thing about being host to a party. You inherit those responsibilities of the peoples’ safety that are there and if you are drinking alcohol, you are responsible for the people that leave."

Authorities say plan ahead with sober drivers if you're heading out for a few drinks and if you're the host, they say be responsible and don't drink too much.

LT. Tory Jacobson: "This is going to be a weekend where people kind of plan where there going to be, trying to set it up in advance. So take that same type of planning to the next level.”

There are no Social Liability laws in North Dakota.