WDAY: The News Leader

Published January 30, 2011, 09:49 AM

Sub-zero temps fail to slow down snowmobile races

Glyndon, Minn. (WDAY TV) - The bitter cold didn't stop die hard snowmobile race fans. They are trying to bring the sport back to the Buffalo River Race Park after more than 30-years.

It's taking Randy Olson a few extra pulls to get his sled started in this brutal cold. After some help from friends and a few dozen pulls, he's ready to race.

Randy Olson: "Once you get everything running, everything works. It’s designed to be in the cold."

Olson is among about 20-riders racing these vintage souped up snowmobiles at the Buffalo River Race Park. Something it hasn’t seen since 1973.

Randy Olson: "This is a big resurgence, so were really trying to get the spectators out."

Unfortunately, Mother Nature has different plans and decided to give us temps that dipped below 0 without the wind chill. So the spectators, at least today, were a little hard to come by.

Clem Buzick: "No I wasn't too excited about that part. But if you race on ice, you got to expect a little cold."

Clem Buzick has a daughter racing the icy track today and says no matter the temps, her family will be out there cheering. It just takes a few extra layers.

Clem Buzick: "I’m pretty warm with all these clothes on, it’s not too bad."

Although the turnout, both fan and racer wasn't what everyone had hoped. Everyone here knew they were in the company of people who would have winter racing no other way.

Randy Olson: "The die-hards were putting some clothes on, sticking it out, and here we are."